3 Ways YOU Can Rank Page 1 of Google – With Video!

3 Ways YOU Can Rank Page 1 of Google – With Video!

You’re not alone in wanting to be on Google’s 1st page when people search for you, your business, product or service.

Why? Because statistically, whoever is on page 1 gobbles up 95% of the clicks and as a result, 95% of the dollars! 

Well, by creating video content you CAN jump to the first page of results. How is this? 

Because Google now gives much more attention to its blended results. The fact is videos are 50 times more likely to land on page 1 of search results!

This naturally pushes down web pages which can seem to be bad news – for your web page. But it is what it is. And is GOOD news if you embrace it – as you WILL leapfrog right past your competition!

But this takes more than just recording video on your smartphone and uploading. Here are the very specific steps that must be taken (after having made a great, sharp, engaging video of course):

#1: Upload directly to YouTube

Google will index your video if you upload it to YouTube.

However, this won’t drive people to your site. Because clicking on the result featuring a YouTube video will send people to YouTube – not your site.

So other steps are required.

#2: Embed the video onto your websiteThis will get your video more views, which is huge as Google algorithms pay close attention to how many times a video on YouTube has been seen.

#3: Embed videos on various pages with text

Google algorithms needs to understand what your video is all about. It does so by scanning the copy that is (or isn’t!) on your Youtube or website video. 

You can do that with a written introduction ahead of your embedded video OR you can put the transcript under the video.

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