Hi, I am Michael Dewey, a freelance videographer and editor. There are lots of us out there…but my edge is that, because I wrote professional copy and content for a very successful online retailer for 7 years, I can create or help with concepts that get you attention online.

I am an intuitive filmer & editor – I ‘find the hook’ in your message and whittle it all down to create a final edit that captures – and holds peoples’ attention!

The internet is a noisy place. Millions trying and dying to get attention.

But  95% fail. Why? Because they offer up content that is safe and obvious.

The good thing about safe and obvious content is it doesn’t get criticized. But the bad part is – it also doesn’t get noticed. 

It neither sinks nor swims, but floats on the surface getting as much attention as driftwood.

To be noticed involves taking a risk.

Remarkable Content Creation

I don’t always succeed. But my intention is always to create work that is remarkable. 

That means work that get remarks. 

Content is ‘good’ if it is being talked about; remarked on.

What do people talk about? Fresh, unique, original things. Stories, pictures, ideas that we haven’t encountered before. Let’s create some of that!