Q: What do you do?

A: We conceive, film then edit affordable, cinematic style catchy videos for new products, new businesses, entrepreneurs, musicians, salespeople - and more! AND if you want original music for your project, we do that too!

Q: Why Video?

A: Studies show “videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text” ...so why not up your marketing - by 60 000 times! with video? Hmm guess I better make a video presenting this same stat! 

Q: Why Choose Us?

A: There are many videographers out there to choose from...thanks to the digital revolution we ALL have similarly great equipment these days. But it's creativity and eye for detail and composition that separates one from the other. AND the ability to spot and capture the key moments of your event, wedding or product and weave it into a compelling story.

This is our strongest ability. We film as much as possible, then pick out only the rare golden nuggets in editing. The result is a film that usually makes our clients smile and say "Wow I look GOOD!"

Q: How do you guarantee the end video product?

A: Providing a few sample videos that you like is a great starting point. That indicates what kind of style you like, and is what we'll aim to achieve.

Also, we have created a system of providing 2 edit revisions per video, which helps to ensure complete satisfaction. We send you a preliminary edit, to make sure we're going down a creative path you like.  And then if requested we provide 2 more 'final cuts' that are more finely polished.

Q: What gear do you use?

A: We use Canon DSLR cameras and top shelf lenses...along with some boutique prime lenses..as well as high end audio equipment - as good sound is as crucial as great footage. 

We edit with Final Cut Pro X as it allows maximum creativity & flexibility.

Q: How involved do you get in the creative side of any video?

A: As much as you want. We have a background in ad copywriting and the creative arts in general and have written catchy concepts for new products, music videos and more! 

If you know you should have video for your marketing but don't have any creative ideas, don't worry. We do!